I created this tumblr because I always end up browsing for hours before I do a new manicure, and I wanted the world's best nail art available in one place. I'm not into the average art you can get at any corner nail salon, I like the new, crazy, interesting nail art. It's the 21st century, your nails shouldn't look like the 90s!

Most of the nails posted are not mine. All nails have links back to their original sources.

If you're new to tumblr, you should know that the "fuck yeah" in this blog's title is not meant to offend--fuck yeah blogs are a tumblr phenomenon intended to indicate that the blog is solely dedicated to that single subject.

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Mia Rubie, nail artist and owner of Sparkle San Francisco, created custom nail designs for the Sephora Glossy.

STEP ONE Swipe on base coat.

STEP TWO Create a V-shape on the nail tip using Pierre Hardy for NARS Ethno Run Left (the orange), pointing away from your hand.

STEP THREE Add a V-shape near the cuticle pointing toward your hand with Ethno Run Right (the blue)—leaving a clear diamond shape in the center of the nail bed. Use a liner brush on the second coat to touch up.

STEP FOUR Finish with clear topcoat.

AMP IT UP For the look seen on the pointer finger and ring fingers, paint the top left nail tip Ethno Run Right and the top right tip Ethno Run Left, forming an outward-facing V-shape. Paint the right side of a triangle on the cuticle with Ethno Run Right and the left side with Ethno Run Left, leaving a clear chevron shape between the tip and cuticle.

TIP: For increased precision, use an eyeliner brush. And for increased pigment, apply two coats.



Flowers of Ether

In ancient civilizations, ether was considered to be the element that made up the heavens, above the moon and across the universe. These flowers have traces of ether in them and therefore, are heavenly. 

Done with Angel Pro Gelly Black, White and a franken color made up with their red and yellow. They really do have the best gel polishes. Git on it! Flowers done with paints and misc glitters. Second photo sans Matte About You.


Water Marble with Model’s Own Indian Ocean over top. 

For full details on colors, etc, see the blog post. 


Nails by Sara Le | MYNAILSAREDOPE — Photographed by Vincent Weglarz | VJWPHOTO


@MrrikVilla + @melodyehsani + VENICE (à Melrose Ave.)


I love this pattern sooo much, I love anything 80s and I saw this pattern in a textile book and felt compelled to do it on my nails. Check out my blog to see what polishes I used!


Maybe you should put a ring on it! Read more here-


This is the design that started my obsession with nail art. About two months ago it looked like this:


I did about 20 designs between those pictures and it really shows that you should never underestimate practice and good nail care.

I always get questions about how to get better at doing nail art. The answer really is just practice, guys!


First time using #feathers and #glequins. Love them so much!