I created this tumblr because I always end up browsing for hours before I do a new manicure, and I wanted the world's best nail art available in one place. I'm not into the average art you can get at any corner nail salon, I like the new, crazy, interesting nail art. It's the 21st century, your nails shouldn't look like the 90s!

Most of the nails posted are not mine. All nails have links back to their original sources.

If you're new to tumblr, you should know that the "fuck yeah" in this blog's title is not meant to offend--fuck yeah blogs are a tumblr phenomenon intended to indicate that the blog is solely dedicated to that single subject.

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May Day Nails Tutorial in collaboration with Click Fragrance, read more on my blog here


LATE 4th of July nails! Sorry, I was too busy celebrating away from my computer. But I ♥ these! I wanted them to look like a faded flag or flag print denim. Revlon Cheers for red and China Glaze Electric Beat for the blue. The accent nail had a little bit of Stairway to Heaven on top that made it stand out in sunlight! Which there was none of in Del Mar. :/


31 Day Challenge 2012
Day 28: Inspired by a Flag (the Arizona state flag)

China Glaze Happy Go Lucky
China Glaze Velvet Bow
China Glaze Man Hunt
OPI Legs Celebrate 


12 Stars for Eddie Izzard

EU Flag Practicing Eddie stopped by in Berlin for a show and needed to get his nails done.

No problem I thought. But when I practiced painting the European Union Flag I realized it’s tougher than it looks.
12 tiny stars, in a circle, on a curved canvas are pretty challenging.

But I’m not that type of artist who gives up easily and after a few attempts it finally worked out.
What do you think?

I really liked Eddie’s trademark flags and thought it would be a nice idea to paint him a set of flags for each remaining country on his European tour and  Berlin-Bear nails as a souvenir.

Eddie Izzard European Tour Flag Nails

The candynailz ladies were supa hospitable. They allowed me do the nail art at their salon and Ina did a great job on the gel.

Eddie Izzard Flag Nails

Eddie Izzard is just the best.


WTT TOUR was without a doubt the best show I’ve ever been to !!



Team USA and UK pride, as well as gold, silver and bronze foils!




I’m not sure who this guy is on the news, but he has GB nails! (Taken with Instagram)

This is comedian Eddie Izzard! He ran with the Olympic torch this year, and here’s an editorial he wrote about the Olympics: click! “I had one of my nails painted with a Union Jack, as is my right as a marathon-running transvestite who supports Team GB.”






DEDICATED BOLT FAN. TEAM JA. #nails #nailart