I created this tumblr because I always end up browsing for hours before I do a new manicure, and I wanted the world's best nail art available in one place. I'm not into the average art you can get at any corner nail salon, I like the new, crazy, interesting nail art. It's the 21st century, your nails shouldn't look like the 90s!

Most of the nails posted are not mine. All nails have links back to their original sources.

If you're new to tumblr, you should know that the "fuck yeah" in this blog's title is not meant to offend--fuck yeah blogs are a tumblr phenomenon intended to indicate that the blog is solely dedicated to that single subject.

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I know you probably saw these cos I post from Instagram but I know you’re discerning type and want to make sure you see my alien skin tone and neon studs in all their glory.  There’s here too.  Because neon.


black studs, golden foil. i’mma write a song to this;) 


georgia o’keeffe inspired #nailart


@localceleb713 Neon Gel nails 💅💛☀#cgoldnglamnails #gelnails #vegas_nay #shellac #nailart #nailgasm #nailporn #neon


#glossnailstudio #gelnails #gelpolish #white #gold #studs


The Tadashi Shoji Nail Art Challenge - Final Clutch Design and Matching Nail Art

In October, Tadashi Shoji invited eight nail artists (myself included) to create a nail design inspired by their spring collection. We submitted our looks, and then the brand’s fans were invited to vote on the design they liked best. The winning design was used as inspiration for a limited edition clutch.

I was incredibly humbled to have my design selected as the winner, and I’m so proud to be sharing the finished product with you today. Don’t forget to visit my blog for an opportunity to win one for yourself!

OPI My Vampire is Buff
OPI In My Back Pocket
OPI Dutch Ya Just Love OPI
OPI My Very First Knockwurst


To see what products I used and what I did visit www.modnails.blogspot.com <3


I’ve rejoined the land of the living! Book your springtime mani + check out these fun pink marbled embellishments! nailsyall@gmail.com


Purple is Essie’s “Playdate”
White is OPI’s “Alpine Snow”

Studs and foil were purchased at dollarnailart.com

Visit www.mod-nails.com for a tutorial!

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