I created this tumblr because I always end up browsing for hours before I do a new manicure, and I wanted the world's best nail art available in one place. I'm not into the average art you can get at any corner nail salon, I like the new, crazy, interesting nail art. It's the 21st century, your nails shouldn't look like the 90s!

Most of the nails posted are not mine. All nails have links back to their original sources.

If you're new to tumblr, you should know that the "fuck yeah" in this blog's title is not meant to offend--fuck yeah blogs are a tumblr phenomenon intended to indicate that the blog is solely dedicated to that single subject.

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Reblog your favorite and click through for instructions! #4thofjulyfingers

Here’s what you’ll need to create this look…


Neon crazy!

Colors used: Floss Gloss “Con Limon” (background color), Nars “Galion”, Essie “Big Spender” & LA Colors “Glistening Purple”.

(via nailpolishdistraction)


Simple tribal print :)


I painted these nails to go to a Walk the Moon concert last week, but it got cancelled because our whole city flooded like crazy! But I wanted to do some tribal nails to reflect the Anna Sun music video. 

My friend from school made a really cool video with footage of the monsoon called Anna Rain, which I thought was really cool. 


New nail design up on the blog!

Used OPI, Floss Gloss, Cult Nails, and Essie for this.


Ummm…not bad?? :))


Ethnic art nails
#avarice #art #kayo #nails #nailart #nailsalon #design #ethnic #summer (NailSalon AVARICE)


Fashion inspired nails. #nailart #nailaddicts #gelnails #bw #elsalonsito #naillife